The Isserian Chronicle


Audlin, Finn, and Pikel have been created.

Audlin, the Drow Rogue. Evil and cunning, she desires control and power, but will she know how to obtain it?

Fynn, the Human Monk. Possibly the most mysterious, yet the most transparent. A gallant sort who looks to do well. He throws his body into situations to come out stronger, yes, but also to do the right thing.

Pikel, the Dwarf Paladin. A good person. A righteous person. A tortured person. Before his eyes his sister had been taken by the atrocious Neogi slavers. He feels it to be a failure on his part and expects his vengeance.

Together, they have come to an arrangement: Save his sister. Do good. Eliminate the competition. No matter the motives, the goal appears to remain the same… for now?



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